Last Day in China: Rongshan Lake Scenic Area & Guilin to Hong Kong Bullet Train: Day 10

It was our last day in China, so I was feeling a bit emotional because, despite the exceptionally hot weather, I knew that it would be a long time before I would come back here again. I had enjoyed so much Chinese culture, their unique landscape and the plenty of funny stories we had experienced so far there with my little Felipe.

By Jenny Rojas Aug19 - Rhonshang Lake Scenic Area
View from the Aroma Tea House Hotel in Guilin

Anyhow, that morning things took an unanticipated event. Well not that bad so no worries! !.. The thing is that our next flight, which was going to be from Guilin to Hong Kong (which I was looking forward to going, as it would have been my first experience on-board Cathay…) got cancelled due to the disruption protests at Hong Kong Airport. I only realised it because I had e-mail alerts set up for all my flights.

Thankfully since I arranged our trip through our trusted local partner, by the time I called them to notify them, they had already arranged an alternative transport for us! Happy days! That is what I called good service! … This change turned out to be a worthy surprise as well since we found out that that we were going to be travelling instead on-board the new train service, which the locals call “bullet train” from Guilin to Hong Kong, so I knew that this was going to be a good thing to feedback to my colleagues. I fully recommend it now as a preferred option to travel between these two cities.


Rhonshang Lake Scenic Area:

Since our morning suddenly got freed you due to this itinerary change. I decided to full up with an energetic breakfast at the lovely roof-amazing-view restaurant at Aroma Tea House hotel, before going on an enjoyable stroll around the area, which luckily for us was by the shores of the beautiful Rhonshang lake scenic area, also called “four lakes and two rivers”.

The whole area covers the Rong Lake, Shan Lake, Gui Lake and the Mulons Lake and the rivers Li and the Taohua.

This morning walk also turned out to be a charming experience of witnessing the local culture, beautiful scenery.

As we walked along the shore on an uninterrupted picturesque view from Rong Lake and Shan Lake, I could not stop feeling a sense of peace and delight while observing the locals during their morning routines of dances, singing and practice of Thai-chi.

We even managed to have a look at the Old South Gate, a thousand year’s old gate, which is original from the Song Dynasty. Truly a pleasant morning that was.

Bullet Train:

After midday, we left for Guilin West Rail station. The train journey time is 3 hr and 20 minutes-ish.

Bullet - High Speed Railway - Guilin to Hong Kong

I learned that the train offers three types of seats: 2nd class, 1st class (the one we get to travel on today) and Business Class. I found the journey comfortable. I found the seating layout of 2-2 configuration spacious, and restful. This first-class service offers power outlets, snack and of course plenty of amusing views.

The trains are super modern and have fountains in between carriages with cold and hot water, which made easy for me to make some noddle’s on-board for our lunch. (I had beforehand bought our food and snack since unfortunate I found that crew and staff around China speak very little English so I would not know how to ask for a vegan or egg-free meal).

We sat down and relax for the whole journey, before arriving happily and on time at Kowloon Hong Kong Train Station where our next adventures were waiting for us.

“The right train of thought can take you to a better station in life”

Thanks for reading!!! 🙂

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