Harlow Black History Multicultural Celebration – Talentos Group

Once again and gracefully, I got to experience human warmth and cheerfulness, with just little moments of reminiscence. Last Saturday our dancing group had another day of diversity. Talentos Group, joined the Black History Multicultural Celebration, a festival in Harlow, west of Essex, 50 miles from London. Efue, our contact at the festival, proudly told me that this celebration has been running yearly since 2008, aiming to celebrate the multiculturalism of the area and to support the integration of the community, particularly between local Black and Minority Ethnic citizens.

The day seemed to be grey at the start, but as the afternoon went on the gleaming sunshine escorted in our dances. The hours brought us the crucial energy and strength to illuminate our day, and I felt a little closer to yet another piece of laugher. Challenges fade away as we painted our days with the colours of dance and music. The music that my senses receive with so much delight.

Rhythmical symbols crossed my path, they stopped me and talked to me about the greatness of our kind, of our divine spirit. Today we celebrate diversity as we joined to the synchronized dance of the universe.

As time passed, the local people joined and got together to enjoy the various activities, including poetry, food stalls, singing and my two favourite’s performances: the African drumming and dance by Efue Sey Academy and us of course, Talentos Group, performing four traditional Colombian dances for the happy and lively people of Harlow.

We Colombians have such an amazing large heritage from the black African community. For that reason I created the following video to encapsulate our day in Harlow, using as background music a song by The Sexteto Tabala, from San Basilio de Palenque, a town in northern Colombia, that represents as whole our African roots.

Today I am super grateful for another day of music.



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  1. Super Jenny, que dedicacion ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jenny R says:

      Muchas Gracias Fredy por leer ! Talentos te mueve 🎼🎼


  2. Carolina says:

    Excellent, wonderful performance!!!!


    1. Jenny R says:

      Muchas gracias Caro! Bailar es vivir 🎼


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