During my career in travel, I have had the blessing of meeting amazing people, beautiful cultures and most importantly, I have understood the true meaning of diversity.  Interacting with people from several nationalities and cultural backgrounds has also made me appreciate my Latin American roots as I had never done it before.

My passion for commercial aviation and perspective of the tourism industry have been feed through various educational and work experiences, which includes working together in liaison with UK, IE and Latin America travel trade. My knowledge lies in areas such as product and airlines account management, tour operation, IATA air fares expertise under leisure and corporate travel.

Grateful to the creator, my divine spirit, the universe, my lovely family and of course, the many friends who are scattered around the globe. Such a great, bizarre and unique people who have taught me that having chosen travel as a career has been my right choice.

I have travelled to several towns, cities and countries around the world. Trips that have got me mesmerised and that have indulged my appetite for travel. I firmly believe that aviation is the greatest invention of times.

Aviation allows us to reach far and beyond; the sky is the limit.!!! ✈️

Let’s join my journey, I invite you to support me on the discovery of places, cultures, music and dances. 🎶 Music and travel are the rhythmical blood of my soul.

We live in a decade of endless possibilities; we live in a digital era where travel a tangible global opportunity. Air travel has opened a path of globalisation, internationalisation and awareness of our kind.

Now ……I am on my way to some more exciting travel experiences to witness the beautiful side of humanity. I am the maker of my happiness, every minute, one day at a time. Carpe Diem 🙏

De Hanoi a Ho Chi Minh City

Airbus A350-900 – Vietnam Airlines

Promote peace and kindness..in your circle…today!



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