Train Lopburi – Phitsanulok Sites and onto Chiang Mai

The next city in which I decided to make a stop was Phitsanulok, although I read that most of the people that stop there is only to connect to Sukhothai, where there are some famous Angkor Wat style ruins, I did not want to deviate from the train route, so just stop there one day and meet the temples of the city.

First, I must mention that the purchase of train tickets within Thailand is quite easy, for the short sections, it is necessary to approach the train station ticket office, but for long journeys, it is recommended to book.  I found that it is quite easy to do it through the Website, I only needed to register once and the booking process is quite fast and easy. I bought my ticket from Lopburi to Phitsanulok for 263 baht, berth style and from Phitsanulok to Chiang Mai for 690 baht also berth, through this page in a fast and efficient way, the confirmation is instantaneous and I was sent an electronic ticket.

The two routes were in “second class”, the seats become into the bed, train staff usually turns it into one at around 7:30 pm. On the first trip toPhitsanulok I did not need it to convert into a bed, but for the next journey, I did. The seats are comfortable enough, very spacious, and there are always food vendors throughout the journey so there is no need to buy food in advance.

Phitsanulok does not offer more places to meet, but I manage to visit the following three very interesting places, which I walked around easily without the need to take taxis or tuk-tuks.

Wat Phra Si Ratana Temple: Free entrance. The highlight was the gold-covered statue of buddha called Phra Phuttha Chinnarat, which some Thais considered one of the most beautiful buddha images in the country. I found the Buddha, at the entrance much more stunning though.

Wat Ratburana Temple: Also, free entrance, and very close to Wat Phra Si Ratana, this seems that attracts less visitors, what I found more attractive was his Chedi.

Sergeant Major Thawee Folk Museum: Located only ten minutes from Phisanulok train station. Entry 50 baht. It is very my favorite visit in Phitsanulok, this museum has a unique collection that various objects that tell the history and traditions of this region. Almost all of them have some registration in English.

The idea of this museum was born of Sgt. Maj. Thawee Buranaket, who had as his goal to collect all these objects to pass to his descendants and the community at large. One of the most interesting displays, a tricycle invented by the Thai born Captain Leaung Phonsophong, which they claimed, was the first one ever built. A must for anyone stopping in Phitsanulok.

Next stop Chiang Mai, In the search for some trekking.

Happy days



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