Luang Prabang – UXO Lao Visitor Centre

No introduction, read on!

Laos is the most severely bombed country per capita in the world, however as we live in a world of war, I have become hardened ignoring some painful facts, I really did not know what that really meant for the Laos people.

This visit was quite heartbreaking. For me, it was overwhelming to go and see this tiny but awakening exhibition. It supposed to take 30 minutes the whole visit, but I spent over two hours, which served to open my eyes to the hell the country went through and how, to this day, people are dying.

I could go over and over and over about how I feel about war, corruption and evil of our world… but there are already millions of people already doing that, so I always try to do the opposite and see the world from their pretty perspective.

Little I knew that this visit would so graphic and self-explanatory.
Sickening Fact: More than 270 million(million!!)  bombies, from cluster bombs were dropped on Laos by the USA during the Vietnam war, for over 9 years!. From those 80 million of them failed to explode and nowadays still represent a huge hazard.

Going through the photographic records and written records, I learnt that 50,000 civilians have been killed UXO (unexploded ordnance) incidents, at least 20,000 people since the war ended in 1973.

The most painful part is that half of the victims are children. I saw way too many pictures of children, even younger than my own child, being mutilated by this horror. It was truly an awakening call and something that took me out of my ignorance about past wars.

Nothing more to describe my visit, you actually need to go and see it for yourself and get your own conclusion about the irrational USA intervention in this sick war! Can’t write more about it without getting nuts so back to business: focusing on the positive! (not easy!) .i  warn you, this visit is sad, in fact very….VERY!


Love from


Jenny 😊



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  1. Unfortunately the people who should most go to a place like this probably never will. But thank you for helping to spread the word because the more people know the better.


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