Arriving and Departing: Tan Son Nhat – Ho Chi Minh Airport (SGN)


Tan Son Nhat airport, in Ho Chi Minh, is the busiest airport in Vietnam, currently, it’s operating over its capacity, with over 32.5 million passengers last year! A comparable number of passengers than those handled at Bogota El Dorado airport in Colombia.  Hanoi – Ho Chi Minh it is amongst the top 10 busiest passenger’s routes in the world!

Check out my landing here

The airport is located 6 Km, 4 miles, from the city District 1. It counts with two terminals, one domestic and one for international traffic, which has recently been renovated. The walking distance between the two is no more than 10 minutes.

My Experience Arriving (Domestic Terminal): T1

I had investigated online about public transport as I always avoid taking taxis wherever possible. I found two options: Bus Number 152 and Bus 109, so I was prepared to go on the first one that came my way! Upon arrival, I found friendly staff, decent facilities, which involved an information counter, post office and foreign exchange. I did not see any restaurants but perhaps because I was focused on finding directions to my bus.

Baggage and arrival was a very quick process, I supposed since I was coming from Hanoi, so not documents to be checked, I arrived at the domestic terminal, 1. I then followed the signs, directing me to buses area, which is essentially just coming out the main exit, cross the street and bang, there is! easy-peasy! The first bus that came along was the 109, and it cost me 20000 Dong, the equivalent of £0.67 or $2600 Colombian pesos, cheap hey? This service is of a decent standard and even offers Free Wi-Fi on board.



The journey to my bus stop took 40 minutes and with the help of Google Maps, I was able to identify where to get off easily.


My Experience Departing (International terminal): T2

To get to the airport this time I did not take the bus since I was coming from Cuchi, so to avoid getting later I took an Uber taxi which cost me 119000 Dong, the equivalent of £3.90 or $15600 Colombian pesos. I was now departing to Siam Reap, in Cambodia, so this was an international flight from T2.

I had some time to check out the facilities, which comprise a variety of small cafes and fast foods kiosks at some reasonable prices and also a baggage storage area.

I checked-in my bag at the counter, which was efficient enough and I was on time. I then went through customs and immigration, and this was also a straightforward process. I needed a visa to Cambodia, but those are obtained at arrival so easy-peasy again. I realised also that travelling light pays off, as I am able to go through airport processes really quickly, (on the downside, not much variety on my clothing options!), while many people in the forum seem to complain about this airport, I found rather easy to navigate. Additionally, it has recently been renovated so It looks very modern, clean and spacious to me.  Although it is one of the busiest airports in Asia, I did not go through any long wait pain.

Later after going through security, I found few cafes and also a food court, but I was not hungry so did not explore any further, I rather went to see some parked aircrafts.😊



My Airport Rating: (1*-5*)


  • Airport Facilities ****
  • Friendliness of airport staff ****
  • Signs ****
  • Passport Control *****
  • Cleanliness *****



“An airport carpet can tell you everything about its surroundings”


Love from Jenny



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