ARRIVING AND DEPARTING: Siem Reap Angkor Airport (REP)


Siem Reap Angkor Airport (REP), is the busiest airport in Cambodia, due to being the nearest airport to the well-known Angkor World Heritage Temples. The airport managed three and a half million passengers in 2016 (growing 20% in 2017!) …, similar passenger’s quantity that Leeds airport in the UK and Cartagena in Colombia.

The airport is located at 8 km from Siem Reap and 6 km to Angkor Wat temple, so no far at all. It comprises of one building which is separated into two terminals, one for international flights and one for domestic flights.


My experience arriving (June 2017)

The airport is small in scale but I found a well-organized check-in and passport control procedures.  Upon landing, it was just a short distance to the airport so I walked straight from outside into the immigration hall.  I was surprised to find a good-looking terminal design, spotlessly clean and helpful staff.

The process of immigration was straightforward, once I entered the airport, I completed the visa form application, (forms can be easily found in a rack as you arrive). I then I attached my photo, which I had previously prepared, proceeded to the queue. I then paid USD30 for my visa before being directed to a waiting area while my visa was processed; this took no more than 15 minutes, I then collected it when called and proceeded to exit to get my arrival stamp and hand over my entry form, I got my fingers tips scanned, the same way as when you arrive at the USA.

I then left the area and proceeded to the baggage hall, where my bag was already waiting for me. It was easy to either take a tuk-tuk or a taxi, so I opted for the taxi, which took 20 minutes to take to my hostel.


My experience departing

To get to the airport this time I did not take a taxi, but a tuk-tuk, which cost me USD6, £4.70 or $17000 Colombian pesos. I walked towards international departures, to check in to my flight to Kuala Lumpur with Malaysia Airlines.

Siem Reap-REP-Departure (9)

As usual, I tend to arrive quite early to my flight to check out my surroundings, so this time it was not an exception. Firstly, I checked-in my baggage, which was again very efficient and then I went through customs and immigration. Again, this was very quick and efficient.

I found enough places to have a coffee or a snack, and the facilities yet again were impeccable sparkling.

Since I had some time, I decided to wait at the airport lounge, Plaza Premium. I paid USD33 for the privilege, but then again, I was left very happy with the service, as this allowed me to catch up with work.

The lounge is very spacious, the staff are extremely helpful and friendly and the food offered was seriously great! Which a chef onsite the whole time. I certainly enjoyed my time in this lounge while working and having a drink (or two). I also enjoyed some tasty local food before my flight. In conclusion, the lounge use was pretty good value for money.


My Rating: (1*- 5*)


  • Airport Facilities                                *****
  • Friendliness of airport staff               ****
  • Signs                                                      ****
  • Passport Control                                *****
  • Cleanliness                                         *****


“Airports are spaces that hold an immense sense of clatter and absurdity at the same time, a lovely chaos of a diverse mortality holding hands; an elderly couple walking together, a group of noisy backpackers, a place where business people type unceasingly on the laptops almost at a rhythmical pace. But most of all, a place where two destinations become one, a true mirror of reality and magic.” JR



Love from Jenny




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