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I’m back!

Greetings and blessings for reading my blog. I have been withdrawn from it for a while, perhaps because, without realising it, I got trapped in the midst of the hectic Londoner-mother-girlfriend-full time working life. Well, at least that is my explanation.

Even though I am not a virtuous writer, but what I do love is sharing experiences. Hereafter, here I am back sharing together with you, through my life quests.

I decided I am going to start to write about not just my journeys but also my day to day social experiences, with a bit a mixture like themes.


Last Year (2018)

2018 was one of the most remarkable of my life. I had the opportunity to celebrate my 40th Birthday, surrounded by adored family and friends. I had the fortune to informally get to know stunning places and new wonderful people, conversations that took my understanding of the world to a higher level.

I also had the joy to truthfully fall in love with someone for the first time in a decade. Even though, I am not longer with this wonderful man. I still feel a profound sense of gratefulness to the universe the blessing of lovely moments. I am sure one day we will be friends again. Today I cheer for the good memories and for the bad ones too. After all, there are no mistakes in life, only lessons.

I as well, lived precious moments with my dear son, my family and my brilliant colleagues. I was too lucky to experience salsa dancing with the added value of having learned more about its roots and history. How its fusion came about and the interesting diaspora exchange that took place to give birth to this most amazing mix of mixed called Salsa. This through the mutual sharing with various salsa experts and documentaries, something that to be honest I had not done ever before.


Today, I am going to start sharing about some new travel and some personal spiritual learning I am going to though, you see? I have been in deep self-reflection for the last few days. I discovered how blessed I am to have an amazing network of beautiful friends who love me and respect me for who I really am, despite all my weaknesses and paradoxical character.

I have thrived for positive attitude for many years now, I practice daily quotes, listen to daily positive affirmations, and of course love more than anything listening to people’s stories, humans we are all fascinating. I can truly say I am the perfect listener since I get mesmerized but people’s stories and life adventures. I seem to attract young warmth hearted people, who seem simply not to bother at the fact that I am just a little bit crazy.

I have been reading and listening audios about how to increase my spirituality to live more in the now and I just recently I found an audiobook called, the monk who sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma. Thanks to my friend Carolina’s recommendation. It has been quite breath-taking.

This book has already inspired me so much to rekindle my spiritual endeavours and reconnect to my truth self-spirit, my divine essence.  It is actually very exciting to write down new goals, new desires, new dreams and set a real timeline to them. It will be truly stimulating to take the risk to see them progress. I am sure there won’t be any failure on my path, only enriched experiences.

First, I decided to go and reconnect to some of the great souls how I have the fortune to call friends. Something I decided to call, round-the-friends-travel-tour.


First one: Velletri! Whooot??, don’t you know where is it? Come on! , get on Google and read about it before keep reading. This is what I called: “the land of the pretty”, o “la Tierra de Los bonitos”, simply because this is the nickname, of my dear friends I am visiting there. A couple of friends whom I met years ago in London, one of those gold treasures that life has given me. They have invited me so many times to see visit them, and so I took them on and booked me a flight out of the blue impulse of my internet!


Ryanair: The Flight: London Stansted (STN) to Rome Ciampino (CIA):

The best way to reach Velletri from London is flying on one of the most well-known low-cost carriers (LCC) in Europe: Ryanair, due to its low-cost business model, this airline reach airports that traditional carriers would not. Such as Ciampino, the alternative airport to Fiumicino in Rome. I guess most of you know about this airline, so I promise I will just talk a bit about it.

Ryanair is the biggest low-cost carrier in Europe, with over 115 million passengers transported in 2018, it is certainly one of the most successful LCC airlines in the world. Together with a fleet of over 430 Single model Boeing 737 aircraft and 220 destinations. Ryanair offers one of the most competitive prices accessible to the mass audience. Don’t you love the airline industry! Well I do, and that includes this controversial 35 years old LCC, not sure because of the unique and “charming” character or Mr O’Leary, for its astonishing growth owed to EU deregulation or because it takes me to places another airline would not.

Rome Ciampino Giovan B Pastine: It is located southeast of Rome. The airport is the secondary airport serving Rome and it is the hub of many low-cost carriers such as Ryanair. It handled nearly 6 million passengers in 2018.

Velletri, is lying on the hills to 332 mts. This town welcomes visitors with ancient as well as modern-day experiences. Located in the Metropolitan City of Rome, on the Alban Hills, In Lazio, Central Italy.  The mark of this picturesque place, it is the endless charm of the landscape, the evocative sceneries and the welcoming spirit of its inhabitants, which have made the city the centre of an important area of wine production. Velletri is one of the most economically flourishing centres of the jurisdiction, with a population of nearly 54K inhabitants.

Velletri has also always been a land of soil fertility. Since Roman times a dense road network was established, along which several rural villas, where the olive tree was throughout cultivated.   Something significant trivia to remember about Velletri is the unearthing of the statue of Athena Pallade (Greek goddess of wisdom, in 1797. The 59 fragments of the statue were in such good condition so that it was possible to easily re-join them and today it is kept in the Louvre Museum in Paris. (Check min. 1:06 here)

Velletri - Italy - Jenny Rojas JennySkyIsTheLimit (14)

During my visit to Velletri 7 years ago, I had the pleasure to witness the view of Lake Albano, a small volcanic crater lake in the Alban Hills of Lazio. I had the opportunity to view from far, Castel Gandolfo, overlooking the lake. A true natural topographical marvel that will unexpectedly take your breath away.


Bonitos – The Pretty Ones:

During my current visit, March 2019, I dedicate most of my time at my friend’s house, which is a lovely land of peace and calmness via Colle Ottone. Each morning I woke at the sound of lovely birds and surrounded by beautiful rural views and unique nature. The peace and quiet life of the place, allowed to enjoy truly the time with my friends’ bonitos, while enjoying an excellent homemade meal and local drinks.

I also visited Parque Muratori, where each Thursday, shoppers get his hands ready to grab good quality clothing items at bargain prices. I was indeed one of those. I also enjoy wonderful views of the landscape from there.

I did so enjoy so much sharing the best karaoke nights you could ever have in your life with my friend Ana Maria and sing along as some rancheritas combined with some 80s songs by Prisioneros!… without scaring the neighbours. I am ready to taste the best home-made Italian food. I was nervous at the beginning since I have only been vegan for 14 months and did not know what to expect as Italian love the meat. I tell you, I ate the most delicious home-made food and freshly grown veggies, such as black cabbage. All cooked with passion and kind spirit, those of my friend’s bonitos. I enjoyed the company of wonderful people and brought with me memories which last for a lifetime. Bonita, Marco y little angel Santiago, my thoughts and gratefulness is with you.

“Italy, and the spring and first love all together should suffice to make the gloomiest person happy.”– Bertrand Russell 🙏










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