North Baddesley, Hampshire – Mar19

This week I spent in a small village to the south of England, his name North Baddesley, Hampshire, jurisdiction on the south coast of England. This “pueblito” (as I call it) is located 10 km from the town of Southampton, close to the River Test Valley, which is known for trout fishing. Approximately 10,000 people call it home.

North Baddesley - Jenny Rojas - (6)

The easiest way to get there from London by public transport is by train 1hr 30 min or by National Express 2hr 15 minutes, from Victoria to the Train or bus station of Southampton. I always choose the bus, because besides being cheaper it is much more comfortable.

The roots of North Baddesley date back to 1086 when it began as a small village with a church, four farms and seven small properties. The present town (south of Botley Road), was built on rural land that previously belonged to the Willis Fleming family, who were the main owners of local lands. This is reflected in the names of local roads, Willis Avenue and Fleming Avenue.

At present, it has a population superior to the 10,000 and consists of small houses of the style of years 60 and 70. The most recent development is the construction in Rownhams Road that was completed in 2008.

Although it seems not much social interaction occurs here, when I walk the streets, mainly I see many seniors, I guess already retired, but I’ve also seen families with young children. Perhaps it is due to the weather, everything is desolate, it is quite cold (between 3 and 9 degrees) but with a lot of winds that seem to be dragging me through the sky. Well still, I found a small community centre on Fleming Avenue, and the Church of All Saints what facilitates a space for community initiatives s. Also, there is an area near the stream known as Tanners Brook and in Lavington Gardens. Likewise, there is a recreation field with a sports pavilion, soccer fields, and playground and additional open space in Mountbatten Park that includes a nature trail.


Other several sites of importance for the preservation of nature, such as Baddesley Common, a place of forest areas where the Swamp Emer is located. I also found Rownhams Wood, which is home to a wide variety of plants and wildlife.

The area, being surrounded by trees and green spaces is ideal for those seeking a retreat from the crazy city life to find peace and rest in absolute silence and tranquillity of nature. Valley Test is a predominantly rural area and boat area North Wessex Downs, which is considered of outstanding natural beauty!

North Baddesley - Jenny Rojas - (5)

I love nature, but at the same time I am a city girl, my soul London, and tomorrow I am back.

North Baddesley Mini Clip

 Sending love  🙏 Jenny 🙏 

“..and she is there, lost in translation walking through a little town, where space provides so much peace and quietness to her reflective healing soul” Jr.

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