Feria Internacional de los Pueblos 2019 – Fuengirola – May 2019

Not sure how to start writing about this trip, it was full of spark, dancing, great music, that it becomes somehow challenging to put it all together in words. Round the world in six days!. Two weeks ago, I had the fortune to go to a fair that really went beyond my expectations.  La Feria Internacional de los Pueblos, in Fuengirola, in Spain. One of the most significant events in Costa del Sol.


Fuengirola Access


The nearest airport to Fuengirola is Málaga, (AGP), the fourth busiest airport in Spain. With its two runways and two passenger’s terminals, it handles an impressive 20 million passengers a year. The airport is the doorway to the most sought-after destinations for British Travellers (amongst others Europeans); Costa del Sol in the beautiful Andalusian region. The airport also has great connectivity with many destinations in Spain and the rest of Europe. Some of the main airlines serving this airport includes British Airways, Air Europa, Norwegian and Ryanair.

I travelled directly from London Gatwick with British Airways, flying time 2.55 minutes on-board the gorgeous Airbus 319. British Airways operates to Málaga several times a week from other London Airports including Heathrow, Stansted and London City.

The connectivity to Fuengirola from Málaga is straight forward, with the train station right across the airport, connecting it with Los Boliches station by the Renfe Cercanias C1 train, at a cost of 2.40 Euros.

After a comfortable 50-minute journey, I arrived at my destination, the beautiful seaside near Playa El Galgo to join my friends from Talentos Group.

Fuengirola is well-known for its 8 km attractive sandy beaches and the famous Moorish Sohail Castle, which lies gorgeously over the coastline.

With only just over 75000 residents, this small town is a jewel of godsend weather, great atmosphere and fantastic hospitality, which makes it one of the most treasured spots in Costa del Sol.

Feria Internacional de los Pueblos 2019 – Click me Part I

I was extremely lucky to have been invited to this event, joining Talentos Group, a group of brilliant dancers, with a heart of gold, who proudly represented Colombia and its Folklore on this year’s edition of the fair.


The fair run from the 30th of April with the Nations Parade, El Desfile de las Naciones, and ended the Sunday 5th of May. I joined from the 2nd of May and enjoyed every second of it!

The hectic days of entertainment started from 1 pm and did not finish until the early hours of the next day so I cannot tell you enough how my poor feet finished at the end of this trip. (no complaints though).


The fair has been taking place since 1995, and it was born with the idea of revealing the unique multicultural and diverse face of the city. I spent the most amazing 4 days surrounded by the adrenaline of the delightful atmosphere while visiting as many country booths as possible, but then again spending the majority of the time at Colombian, Mexican and Cuban ones, what can I say? I adore my Latin culture!  The abundance and variety of food, handicrafts and entertainment were extraordinary, and the art shows and performing endless. The fair took place at the Fuengirola Fair Ground, near the Town Hall and the distribution of the 33 booths all in a row making it so easy to navigate around.

I feel such great energy gathered by the display of nation’s traditions and party air, which was all over the place. It was a very easy walk in and out of the booths as you please. This truthfully made me feel like a round the world-trotter, with over 30 countries taking part in this year’s event. I found innumerable opportunities to discover the world in a single place I even found several vegan options too (blame the delicious Turkey’s falafel!) folklore and endless entertainment.

On occasions I struggled to choose which country’s booth to explore as they all provided unique expressions of its identity, making a global fusion of arts. I even discovered that they have a special time for autistic children, accurately an event for the world! No wonder why over a million visitors gather each year on this remarkable event.

Here the highlights of my own experience in enjoying various casetas / booths and their cultural displays:

Colombian Booth

As I mentioned before, I was blessed to be accompanying Grupo Talentos, thanks to its director Freddy Martinez and the friendly and warmth of all its members, I felt fortunate to have shared this great cultural experience of dance, folklore, gastronomy and unique entertainment.

Talentos members took the best of our Colombian Folklore to the fair. I truly enjoyed my own country in the land of the Andalusians.

Talentos Group is an organisation based in London, which main purpose is to promote Colombian and Latin America in the UK and a little beyond, henceforward contributing to the spread of our culture by sharing our roots to the world. Learn more about Grupo Talentos. And click here to enjoy the Adios Conchita, Fandango from Caribbean region in Colombia:  and Juana la Caribe. Interpreted by Petrona Martinez and performed here by Talentos.

Fuengirola - Feria de los Pueblos Mayo 2019 - Jennyskyisthelimit (50)

Some of the other great activities shared in Colombia’s booth which included children workshops, cumbia, bachata and salsa of course, including the controversial salsa-choke workshops and various other fun contests to bring the joy of all its visitors.

Fuengirola - Feria de los Pueblos Mayo 2019 - Jennyskyisthelimit (53).JPG

Other Colombian artist present included Los Principes del Vallenato, bringing the best of their music and accordion, Salsa Bands with the best rhythms and the best DJ partying to continue the dancing on-and-on.

Click me for Part II


Mexico Booth

Tatiana’s favourite booth! where we spent lots of time partying and listening to the proper Mariachis! orale, it was so much fun…

Cuban Booth

Pintate los Labios Maria!. Amazing performance. Click me

Fuengirola - Feria de los Pueblos Mayo 2019 - Jennyskyisthelimit (24)

Bulgaria Booth

Chilean Booth:



“If you take myth and folklore, and these things that speak in symbols, they can be interpreted in so many ways that although the actual image is clear enough, the interpretation is infinitely blurred, a sort of enormous rainbow of every possible colour you could imagine.” ― Diana Wynne Jones

Be happy to enjoy the moment, and don’t let anything or anyone take the joy away from your soul.

Lots of love from







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  1. Carolina says:

    This is amazing, I can not wait to go to Fuengirola again, thanks Jenny!!!!

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    1. Jenny R says:

      Gracias Caro , absolutamente pal siguiente!! xxx


  2. Mark Anthony says:

    Well done Jenny Girl, the sky is the limit indeed, you inspire the rest of us….stay blessed 🙏

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    1. Jenny R says:

      Thanks sweetie !! 🙏


  3. Europa Press says:

    Felicitaciones Jenny por tu exhaustiva labor al lado del folklor y las tradiciones de Colombia en el exterior!… 😉


    1. Jenny R says:

      Muchísimas gracias por comentar ! Para mi es un placer compartir nuestras experiencias como Colombianos viviendo en el exterior mostrar lo bello de nuestro país 🎼


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