Talentos Group – Colombia Folklore Dance UK – Cafeology, Sheffield

Today I learned how to count the minutes with the cold wind of the afternoon, on a tour of music, of sweet pranks and intentional steps, today we, Talentos Group, journeyed 170 miles north, to arrive in Sheffield, the largest city in South Yorkshire, also known as the Steel City for its trading role in the 19th century.

Talentos Group - Jennyskyisthelimit - Sheffield - Cafeology UK (2)

We travelled through the heart of sweet England, looking for a scent of Colombian coffee, looking for camaraderie, for dance, for laughter, for new adventures.

We shared the joyful the dances of our tricolor and were thrilled to spread the air of the Cafeology Sheffield with the rhythms of bambuco, Salsa, San Pedro and San Juanero, concluding with a cumbia that opened the way to the carnival of the joy.

Thank you, Cafeology, for letting Talentos Group take part of their tenth anniversary of Asoapia, a Fair Trade organization founded in 2005 in Apia, Risaralda, Colombia. The association provides its landmark coffee for the delight of the people of Cafeology in Sheffield UK.

Today enjoyed ourselves rejoicing the best coffee in the world, for the happiness of the people of Sheffield and our too. Today we invite you to live a little of our dream to show with joy and music that we are a country of good people and full of life.


“Dance is the hidden language of the soul” M. Graham




from Jenny


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