Exploring Tokyo: Megaweb Toyota City showcase & TeamLab Borderless Museum

The next day we were set to explore some places recommended by friends, so we travelled south of the city to an area called Odaiba. This area, built on an artificial island in the bay of Tokyo, comprises large shopping centres and thematic museum ., The area was initially developed to protect the city of the attacks by the sea in the 17th century but nowadays is visited by both locals and tourists alike.


Megaweb Toyota City showcase

Here we arrived purely by chance since it is right next to the TeamLab Borderless museum, so we take the opportunity to take a walk around enjoying the exhibitions and the games.

Toyota Museum Center -Megaweb Toyota City showcase - Jenny Rojas - Aug19 (7)

This museum is located inside the Palette Town shopping centre in Odaiba. Upon entering this museum, we immediately began a unique car experience. I am sure that my brother would have loved to have been here as he adores anything to do with cars.

The area comprises three zones: one zone is to observe the latest Toyota models, the second zone is for driving enthusiasts who can test the latest models. It was great to see the expression and happy faces of the ones trying on these latest models, here adults become children. 

In this zone, there is also a game’s section where children can play for free video games.


Toyota Museum – Motomachi

And the last section, my favourite by far, we did learn a lot about the history of Toyota. We explored the different related exhibitions, such as the history of Motomachi, the Toyota production plant, which opened in August 1959. Here we share the photos of this area:

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TeamLab Borderless Museum

The visit to this museum was recommended by a colleague from the industry, a specialist in Japan. It was, without a doubt, one of the most incredible visits during my stay in Tokyo. It is unlike any museum I have ever seen before, phenomenal.

The visit was like entering a parallel world of colours and bizarre sensations. Both Felipe and I were stunned by the interactive visualization we were experiencing. I remember the first thing I saw was a lot of flowers, flowers on the ceiling, walls, moving flowers that you played with coloured lights while people stared in amazement at these beautiful displays.

This museum has an area of ​​32 thousand square meters, which because we live it, allows us to create fascinating spaces of colours and shapes, like a forest of history, nature and art all combined, which connects, vibrates and communicates sensations to the body, really phenomenal.

I also remember a room full of mirrors or led lights where the light and dark games were made a party contrasts.

It is an experience that I will never forget, I recommend it for both children and adults.

Borderless World – Click me:

At one point, I felt a bit of a journey of illusion around the world, scampering, examining, discovering and sharpening my senses with my reactions and those observed by other visitors. Three hours quite entertaining indeed.

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“Colour in certain places has the great value of making the outlines and structural planes seem more energetic. “Antoni Gaudi Read

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