Yokohama Cultural Interchange & Fujiko F Fujiko Museum – Doraemon

Yokohama Cultural Interchange

Well, we were fortunate to meet a beautiful family in Yokohama, who provided us with their kindness and hospitality beyond limits. We spent two fabulous days in a Japanese-British-Colombian cultural exchange with them, sharing stories, games, laughter, amazing homemade vegan food!! And of course, great museums. I am super grateful to AI and his lovely family for this unforgettable time.

Fujiko F Fujio Museum – Doraemon

For this visit, we were fortunate to be invited by AI and their young children. This afternoon was amazing, together with mums and boys, spent a fabulous day of adventure stories from this famous cartoon Doraemon. It was a super fun afternoon and full of learning.

This museum is entirely dedicated to the work of Fujiko Fujio and includes original works of art, a reading room and a theatre. It has a central axis the character of her most famous manga series Doraemon.

Who is Doraemon? It is a cartoon, very popular and representative in Japan, created by Fujiko Fujio, about 50 years ago!. So much so that it has become a cultural icon and has even adapted to animated series.

Fujiko F Fujio Museum - Kawasaki - Doraemon - Jenny Rojas Aug19 (7)

The cartoons are based on various characters, one is a robot cat, named Doraemon, who travels from the future, more precisely since the 22nd century, to help a boy named Nobita Nobi. It also includes characters like Shizuka, Nobita’s friend, and other secondary characters such as Sueno and Takehi, who are part of fantasy adventures. All the stories and adventures keep both adults and children well entertained throughout the whole exhibition.


Fujiko F Fujio Museum - Kawasaki - Doraemon - Jenny Rojas Aug19 (1)

The museum is located in Kawasaki, just 25 km from Yokohama. It opened its doors in 2011, keeping the character of Doraemon as its main character.El museo está repleto de libros, bosquejos, dibujos originales y muchas exhibiciones de la historia de Fujiko Fujio y obvio de las aventuras de Doraemon y Nobi.

“Exploring the world together in the best adventure of all”


Love from 😍


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