Choosing between Oneworld and Star Alliance Round-The-World ticket

I have been wanting to travel on a Round-the-World Journey for a few years now, however, the challenge of the being a never-ending student plus a full time working single mum had not allowed me so far.

I have been doing some research and reading each bit of the fare regulation of various round the world tickets. Here we go!

There are three round the world products from three well-known airline alliances; these are Star Alliance, Oneworld Alliance, and Skyteam.

 Though, my decision was only between One World (15 member airlines) and Star Alliance (28 member airlines).

I have done several trips to the Americas, thus I have already flown in many of the Oneworld alliance carriers, so that add points to try on Star Alliance.

Oneworld has two products; one is called the One-World Explorer, which allows you to travel between three to six continents, each with a continent-based fare based on the number of continents you choose to visit. It also allows you to make changes to the itinerary before and during the trip. Continental Zones include TC1 The Americas, TC2 Europe, Middle East, Africa & TC3 Asia, South West Pacific.

The other product is called The Global Explorer, which is based on the total distance travelled plus the cabin class. It is calculated using 4 Tier Levels; Tier 1: Up to 26,000 miles, economy class only, Tier 2: Up to 29,000 economy class only, Tier 3: Up to 34,000 miles economy, business or first class & Tier 4: Up to 39,000 miles, economy class only.

On the other hand, Star Alliance has two products available to entice my travel appetite. Firstly, the Circle Pacific, that allows you to travel to 25 countries with certain airlines only. This product is perfect for those wanting to visit Asia, North America, and the South West Pacific.

The second product is called Round the World, which allows you full use of the 28 member airlines. This product is determined by the total number of miles of the journey, based on IATA industry (Ticketed Point Mileage) of the trip, the number of stopovers and country of origin. The normal Round the Word fare includes up to 29 000, 34 000 or 39 000 miles. The Special Economy Round the World fare includes up to 26 000, 29 000, 34 000 or 39 000 miles. The Special Business Round the World fare includes up to 26 000 miles. In all the product, your travel must follow one global direction only (East or West).

Given that I want to fly on the glorious Airbus 380 of Singapore Airlines, start in Bangkok and continue from the very famous Changi Airport, plus I also want to do a quick visit in Sydney and Auckland, then the obvious choice for me is the Star Alliance. I am now using my travel journey building skills to meet the criteria of the Special Economy Round the World that allows me to journey 26 000 miles! Around the globe.  yujuuu….

I told one of my best friends, Marianito, to come along with me but despite his enthusiasm for the idea, he decided to let me go alone.

So I am so looking forward to my solo round the world in 80 days adventure.


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“We travel, some of us forever, to seek other places, other lives, other souls.” – Anais Nin

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