Round The World starts today, at Heathrow: The Queen’s Terminal


In March I handed my job resignation and decided to go on around the world journey. I always had the impulse to do it, but the real decision came in one day sharply the first week of that month. Today, I am sitting down in the lovely London Queens Terminal 2, at the Star Alliance lounge enjoying a sip, while doing some writing, nothing can get better, or actually… I think it just can… (ordering some wine…).

It is my first time travelling on Eva Air, so I am looking forward to trying on their onboard amenities. I rate airlines (or anything really) but the so-called “moments of truth”, you know, that eye to eye contact and moment of experience. It does not really matter how much companies work on bringing up their brand, contracting or business development if they miss the “moments of truth”. This is what really defines a brand for me, especially now in this world of marvellous technology and the geniuses digital age.

We live in a period when uniqueness is one of the most sought features of travel experiences. Experiential travel is on demand, and this is from people of any age! Attending TTG Luxury last year, there was no other topic that speakers talked about! “Experiential travel” has become part of people goals, the uniqueness of experiencing something different. It seems to be a normal part of human nature, all of us trying to stand out.

The way consumers, including me, position a brand in our heads is by adding one or more “moments of truth”. Anyone who works in marketing would know how important this is, and how difficult is to create respectable positioning. As from me, United has never had my consumer appreciation, every moment of truth has been disastrous, especially when Marcos, from United Check-In desk at Newark airport, insulted me as a travel agent for “misinforming” their passengers…anyway… back to my trip.

I took me full seven days (Sundays) to organize my ideas and do a proper research about the itinerary I wanted to follow. I only booked my hotel arrival in Bangkok, but being a natural travel planner, it was really tough for me NOT to book the rest. My goal this time is to go with the flow. Like my friend Melissita told me. So, I will get out, yet again from my comfort zone and go with the flow or ..well at least I will try.

Luckily, nowadays it is so easy to research, not just on Google, but is so many resources online, which show real testimonials of real travellers. I watched approximately 20 YouTube videos of Thailand, so I feel pretty much prepared for anything there. I even build my own Google maps journey. Now it is all waiting for me.

I will be informally rating the airlines that I fly with on this trip, and the airports, just for the fun of it. For my no-so keen airline industry readers, I will also share my experiences with the ten countries I will be visiting, so watch the space.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read me! And I so look forward to sharing more

Ta..luegito 🙂


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