EVA Air – London to Bangkok: 11 hours 30 min

EVA Air is an airline based in Taiwan, a member of Star Alliance. The journey I flew was London to Bangkok, but from there, the same flight always continues to Taipei (thanks to the fifth freedom of the air).

As a typical full-service carrier, it has a mixed fleet of Airbus and Boeing aircraft. As a holder of numerous industry awards by recognized organizations, including Skytrax, I was really looking forward to trying it on.

Web-checking was easy and quick, I then used the app only to add my boarding pass to my iPhone wallet. The airport gate staff was helpful in updating passengers about the flight status. As I was enjoying a peaceful waiting time at the Star Alliance lounge, which was right opposite the boarding gate, (same gate area that Avianca usually departs from), I did not have to show my face at the gate until about 15 minutes before departure time.


The aircraft that I travel on was a Boeing 777-ER, with a configuration of 3-3-3 seating in three cabin classes, economy, premium economy and business with a capacity of 333 passengers. I seated in the economy section.  As I boarded I noticed the plane was quite full, so my hopes of grabbing a line of empty seats disappeared…  well, better luck next time. I reckon it was at around 90% load factor.

I liked the welcoming approach of the flight attendants, who seemed to have eye contact when they greeted nicely and with a smile to all the passengers. My seat was by the window as usual, and as soon as I was seated, I had a sensation of comfort, the seat had ample leg room, more than when compared to many airlines I have travelled with to Latin America. I guess this one was the latest version of this aircraft which has 33 seat pitch.  I was very pleased as I could leave in and out easily without disrupting my fellow passengers too much.

The toilets were immaculate throughout the flight and a very nice touch is that they are equipped with complimentary toothbrushes, toothpaste, eye masks as well as other toiletries.

As it was an overnight flight, two meal service were offered, dinner and breakfast. I found both up to standard. I had ordered a special meal, which was promptly delivered to my seat before any of the other passengers.

The personal screen was around 15 Inches! Really good size for an economy cabin, though the IFE (in-flight entertainment) was a bit disappointing since I think is mainly designed for the Asian market.

I must say, it was overall a delightful airline and I hope to be able to use it again in the future.


My Rating from 1 – 5 *:

  • Service: *****
  • Aircraft configuration *****
  • IFE                ***
  • Meals *****



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